We find you the money the other utility bill auditing companies miss.

We’ve proven this time and time again in over 30 years. We know most utility bill auditing companies just look for the “low fruit”. These auditing companies have a business model of get in, get out, don’t spend any more time than necessary and quickly move on. For one property management company, we found over $100,000 in refunds on just one property alone, even though two different utility auditors had already done the work for the previous ten years.

We find you the money everyone else cannot.

Many of our clients have very sophisticated engineering departments. Our work is to help support these engineers. We find money our clients cannot on their own, and in so doing, allow their engineers can focus on what they need to do on a daily basis.

We can save you money three ways

Bill Auditing

Give us any of the following bills: electricity, gas, water, sewage, garbage and telecommunications bills (including cellular, land lines, data, VoIP). We’ll find you money. If for some reason everything is okay, it costs you nothing.


If you are in a state where it makes sense to purchase your electricity and/or natural gas from another supplier, let us know. We do more than just find you the best pricing. More importantly, we make your service agreement is written to give you the consumer protection you need. We make sure it’s written for your benefit and not the supplier.


Are you thinking of going to solar or putting in LED lighting? Before you contact a solar company or lighting company that just wants to sell you an expensive system, ask us first. We don’t sell any equipment. We’ll strictly do the energy auditing to give you the proper information. Also, you may be required to do an energy efficiency audit periodically to establish benchmarking.This is becoming routine and often harsh penalties are assessed for non-compliance.

If you’re serious about reducing your utility costs, and your staff is wasting time on
this when their talents are better used elsewhere, give us a call.
You have nothing to lose.