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The Auditek Difference

Auditek is more than just an energy consultant. We look to maximize your savings by auditing your natural gas, electricity, water, sewage, garbage, and telecommunications’ bills. Then, based on our extensive experience with dozens of clients like you, we will determine how we can minimize those costs for you.

Don’t just complain about your high utility bills!

Have Auditek fight for you!

We have saved millions of dollars for property management companies, apartment communities, multifamily complexes of all types, homeowner associations (HOAs), nursing homes, assisted living homes, hotels, wineries, meat packing plants, food processing companies, hospitals, industrial facilities of all types, government agencies (including Federal, state, counties and municipalities), low-income housing, senior housing, non-profit companies, schools….if your business pays a bill for electricity, natural gas, water, sewage and telecommunications, we can save you money.

Whether you are serviced by PG&E, So Cal Edison, Florida Power & Light, Com Ed, Con Edison…really anywhere in the United States, you are overpaying.

In addition, if you are using a third-party supplier for your gas and/or electricity, or are working with an energy broker, you are probably paying too much as well.

Take the Auditek High-Hanging Challenge

What really makes Auditek so different?

Many other utility auditing companies just look for the obvious mistakes and go no further. Auditek looks beyond the obvious and the so-called “low-hanging fruit.”

How do you take the Auditek “High-Hanging” Challenge?

  • Send us your utility bills for evaluation.
  • We’ll tell you what additional costs we can save you.
  • What do you have to lose? If we don't find anything, it costs you nothing.

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